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The best

Sunday 18th December. By Paul. Reflecting on our six months of travel there were “moments” that stood out as being particularly awesome, such as throwing our packs across a raging torrent, then crossing it ourselves, looking at the icefields of … Continue reading

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House sized chunks of ice

Tuesday 13th December. By Jodie. With these views in the Frances valley, I keep stumbling as I hike, because I´m constantly looking towards the glacier, watching for it to let loose massive bits of ice. It´s better sitting here at … Continue reading

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Getting the timing right

Saturday 10th December. By Paul. We are sitting in a rough shelter, heated by a wood stove that leaks smoke, waiting for the weather to pass. Outside it is snowing, the wind is howling and we have another 800m to … Continue reading

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Nature´s architecture

Monday 5th December. By Jodie. Torres del Paine hike is living up to expectations. Not just the infamous wind that can knock you over (and it did). Also the spectacular mountain terrain. The torres (towers) are a highlight here, soaring … Continue reading

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The tent forest

Sunday 4th December. By Jodie. We are looking in dismay at the scene before us. This is where we will camp? Really? Well, it’s not our usual five star campsite. We tell ourselves that Torres del Paine is about the … Continue reading

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Slow boat to Natales

Monday 28th November. By Jodie. On a ferry for 3 whole days! With scores of other tourists, sleeping in bunk beds, and notoriously bad weather. This could be awesome or awful. It’s awesome!! When it’s clear the scenery is wonderful. … Continue reading

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Puerto Varas

Thursday 10th November. By Paul. In October we met a couple hiking in the Rockies that knew a great friend of ours, Sidney, and also travelled in Chile, our current location. They told us how Puerto Montt is a place … Continue reading

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