Love at first bite

Tuesday 23rd November. By Paul.

Dogs are a common sight in Chile, partly due to a reluctance to neuter the males. On our fifth day of kayaking, we went to a farmhouse to pay and find out whethermal hot springs are located.

As we approached the house, a lady came out to greet us. In addition a small, scrappy dog ran out of the house, behind Jodie and latched onto her ankle. It all happened so quickly, and even as Jodie shook her leg, this dog held on.

Great. Now we have to go to a hospital for a check up when we return and keep track of this dog if it dies of rabies….now we hope the dog lives a long life!

So what does the lady say to us after her dog bit Jodie? “Ten dollars each for the hot springs”.


About paulandjodie

Our first blog, five star tent, was a six month project in parallel with a journey on foot and by kayak from Alaska to Patagonia. Now back to real life, Jodie is inspired to start blogging again, just a little bit, with photo theme hop.
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