Crack in the wall

Monday 3rd October. By Jodie.

You’ve gotta hike in southern Utah. If you are a hiker, a climber, if you like the outdoors. If you have 2 legs, come to Utah and hike the canyons of Grand Staircase Escalante.

This morning we’re up early and hiking out of Coyote Gulch, up a steep sand dune to breath-defying views of the Escalante River, Stevens Arch, and a beautiful morning sky. We arrive at what appears to be a sheer cliff, but there’s a way through – Crack in the Wall. It’s a short passage between a series of rock slabs with just enough room for a person to squeeze through.

Then suddenly we’re above everything, at desert level, with sweeping vistas and open skies. Just get here.


About paulandjodie

Our first blog, five star tent, was a six month project in parallel with a journey on foot and by kayak from Alaska to Patagonia. Now back to real life, Jodie is inspired to start blogging again, just a little bit, with photo theme hop.
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