Battle of the teahouses

>Monday 12th September. By Jodie.

We’re day hiking Lake Louise, where there are a couple of teahouses fairly accessible. Unable to choose between the two, we plan a loop hike that will allow us to visit both. We will review them to find out which one we like best.

We first head up to Plain of the Six Glaciers Teahouse. It’s the classic walk around the lakeshore to just below the gorgeous mountains and glaciers beyond the lake. We’re excited to hike towards Mt Lefroy, because we have a print of Lawrence Harris’ painting of that mountain.

We arrive at the teahouse, no one else is there, and we nab the best seat in the corner of the balcony looking out at the glaciers. The staff are super friendly. Tea, scones and chocolate cake are pretty good. The place fills up quickly though, and feels a bit crowded.

We could enjoy the view for hours but we move on. We soon lose the crowds as we hike up to Big Beehive with a great outlook over Lake Louise. We’re happy to find that some of the larch trees are turning yellow now, just in time for us to see the start of fall colours before we leave Canada. Then down to Lake Agnes Teahouse. Historically this one predates the Six Glaciers Teahouse but its been more recently rebuilt so doesn’t feel as old and cosy. The view is across Lake Agnes. We order soup, and then a cookie and banana bread so we have a reasonable comparison to the first stop. Our waiter is pleasant, but not as engaging as at Six Glaciers. The food is delicious. At both teahouses it’s impressive what they can do with ingredients that are all helicoptered in at the beginning of each summer.

The verdict? Although the food has a slight edge at Lake Agnes, the Six Glaciers is the overall winner due to superior view and great service.

Plain of the Six Glaciers Teahouse
Food: * * * *
Service: * * * * *
View: * * * * *
Atmosphere: * * * *

Lake Agnes Teahouse
Food: * * * * *
Service: * * *
View: * * * *
Atmosphere: * * * *



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