Toasting the campsites

Wednesday 31st August. By Jodie.

We’re in a restaurant in Jasper. All the components of a perfect post hike meal are in front of us.

We have a tradition after our hikes, of drinking to each of the campsites. It’s a good way to celebrate and remember the trip. Tonight we decide to make a toast to all of the more than 40 campsites we’ve stayed at so far for the whole trip.

Starting from last night and working backwards, we try to remember and talk about each site, recollecting something about the location or the day: what we did, saw or experienced, whether it was a major highlight of the trip or just a random detail: crashing glaciers; breaching whales; lost tent peg; frozen toothpaste; whatever. Here’s the list, along with random recollections and names that we sometimes made up. This may not be 100% accurate due to memory loss or beer.

Portal Creek, Clitheroe (stoned fellow campers), Switchback (found a tent peg), Wabasso (mega campground), Signal (sunset views of Jasper), Curator (early climb to The Notch), Little Shovel (messy), Canada Creek (2 nights), Slims West Midpoint (windy), Hugh Miller, Charpentier (Canada geese), Scidmore (whales), Reid Glacier, Johns Hopkins Small, Johns Hopkins Big (panoramic views), Tarr Inlet (ice on beach), Margerie Glacier (glacier surges), Russell Island, Queen Southeast, Sebree Point (whales and bear), Wachusetts South, Riggs Glacier (wolverine), McBride South (bear beach), Mother Moose, Wachusetts, Bartlett Cove (2 nights), Post Donjek Roadside, Duke River (5am start), Atlas Pass (2 nights bad weather), Chert Creek (started to rain), Donjek Glacier (finally), Not Quite Donjek Glacier, Hoge Creek (fox), Hoge Pass, Cooper Creek, Pre Donjek Roadside.


About paulandjodie

Our first blog, five star tent, was a six month project in parallel with a journey on foot and by kayak from Alaska to Patagonia. Now back to real life, Jodie is inspired to start blogging again, just a little bit, with photo theme hop.
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One Response to Toasting the campsites

  1. Faeimm says:

    Even if it’s one sip per toast, that’s a lot of beer! Cheers 🙂

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